Link Building

What are the Benefits of Our Link Building Services?

Link Building Services

At Raw Digital we only create the highest quality links. All backlinks are whitehat (meaning Google acknowledges them as being done properly, not ‘illegally’) and created manually by our team of talented content marketers. The content we create adds value to your potential customers.


We use content marketing to get links to your website on highly relevant websites and blogs to promote your brand.
We’ll reach out to website editors and bloggers in your industry who have an already established themselves an audience and provide them with expertly written, relevant and shareable content.

Digital PR

Our team creates appealing content like infographics and articles. Our team then pitch these along with press releases to our contacts with the goal of earning links to your website from high-value sources.

Business Listings & Local Citations

High-quality and niche business and directory listings are still a must have for compnaies.
We manually create business listings with as much detail about your business as possible.
They provide the much-needed references to help with your locally focucced SEO.

Our Link Building Process

This is our 7 step link building process that we use to deliver results. We believe in being transparent, keeping you informed and engaged throughout the ongoing process, meaning you can be confident in the quality of the links pointing to your website:

1. Consultation: We’ll discuss your requirements and understand the needs of your business as well as your customers. We’ll present a range of link building strategies and create an implementation plan.

2. Website & Content Review: To build high-quality links to your website, you need high-quality content to link to. We’ll review your website to discover what quality content you already have.

3. Research: We’ll research content ideas for your target market and potential linkers to build strategy with the widest appeal.

4. Idea Generation: We’ll have content for your business, your target market and potential publishers. By aligning these 3 we will maximise our success rate and the number of links we are able to build for you.

5. Content Creation: Using our content creators we’ll create what you need to power a link building campaign.

6. Outreach: Our outreach team can then pitch content to our contacts, editors and bloggers from relevant websites for your industry.

7. Reporting: We’ll provide monthly reports of the links built and associated metrics like views and shares.


Link Building FAQ

Can I speak to someone about your link building service?
Absolutely, if you’d like to know more about our link building services please use the contact us form, or call us on 0117 403 0415 and we’ll happily answer your questions.

Do you have a minimum term contract?
We can either work on the basis that we’ll build you a set number of links for a set price or we can work on a rolling 3-month contractual basis. What’s best is often dictated by the volume and quantity of your content. We can advise on what will be the most effective approach to take.

How do you select what websites to approach?
First of all, it has to be genuine and relevant to your business. We alwsays ensure we would maintain some editorial control, meaning that we’ll personally liaise with the people who will be publishing your content. This helps to ensure quality standards not just for our content but others who may also provide content to that site.
We also use domain metrics like Domain Authority, Domain Rank and Trust Flow, whilst none are a perfect measure of quality they a good indication of the volume and quality of the links coming into that website and so are a good indicator of the value of that link to your website.

What is whitehat link building?
Whitehat, simply means that the processes followed to obtain the link are in line with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. That the link has not been ‘bought’ and that we have no control over the placement of the link.

Can I pre-approve content?
Absolutely, we can also write the content in collaboration with you. Our expert content writers are well versed in creating high-quality content across a range of topics, however, if you would like the added comfort of being part of the production process then we’re happy to have you on board.
Please be mindful that this can actually slow the process of building links, but that’s a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

Who writes the content?
All our content is written in-house by us, or by one of our specialist freelance writers. We all have many years experience writing journalistic and technical content.

Where are the links placed?
Often this depends on the website we’re trying to get published on. Some sites allow ‘editorial links’ within the content to relevant blogs on your website, whilst other may limit you to a link in an author biography.
Whilst editorial links are ‘more powerful’, the primary objective when link building is relevancy. Is the website and content relevant to your business? If so a link in your author biography is still powerful.

How long do the links stay up for?
The content and links will stay live as long as the website stays operational. We target websites with a long history and so can be confident that they won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

Do you use “nofollow’ links?
Our primary goal is to obtain ‘follow’ links. This means that some authority passes from the publisher to your website.
However, we don’t shy away from obtaining ‘nofollow’ links. Link building should not be solely for the benefit of SEO. A ‘nofollow’ link from a hugely relevant and highly authoritative website can still be beneficial, by placing you in the right link neighbourhood, by providing a mention of your brand name and by sending relevant referral traffic to your website.

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