Raw Digital: Our first blog post


This is our first blog post: we want to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Whilst building Raw Space: Coworking in Bristol¬†we found that a large number of the members didn’t have easy access to a professional digital marketing company. Although loads of them exist online, it was super difficult to determine if any of the choices would provide value for money in the form of results.

The key 3 area’s people wanted help was:

Social Media Marketing: Someone to own everything social for their businesses. the burden of keeping on top of social media can rob people of their headspace, and on top of that, the stuff you do manage to post isn’t very effective.

Logo + Branding: Our experience is in creating brands: we have done it for Raw Space, for Gleem, amongst many others

PPC Advertising: Lots of businesses have heard of PPC but don’t fully understand the power it has to grow a business. We are experts at Google Adwords advertising and Facebook Adverts.

We then asked potential customers about what sort of service they wanted: almost all of them told us that they wanted to work with a company that was personable and that was able to provide real face-to-face time, so we set about making sure that we operate in a way that maximises clients’ opportunity to be sat with us, looking at the same screen and talking about your business and your results.

Raw Digital pride ourselves on face communications
to ensure we know exactly what you want and expect